Plow & Barrow

Freshly prepared and ready-to-go plant-based meals by Chef Jason Dean 

Ordering Deadlines and Delivery Schedule

Place all orders by Tuesday night at 12 am.


All meals will be delivered on Sunday evening. 

If you are unable to be at home at the time of delivery, then please leave a cooler in a secure and visible location for easy drop off.

Our meals are made with the freshest, most natural and organic ingredients. 90% of the weekly menu is label-free. If we do use labeled ingredients, then we always use minimally processed items. Meals are purposely prepared to activate the availability of nutrients needed to create optimal gut health and supply the nutrients we need to heal, fight and reverse disease; and rid the body of excess weight and toxins.

Our meals are healthy, delicious, 100% guilt free and follow the VIVE’s Eating Design to “Satiate and Satisfy the body’s need for a Volume and Variety of Verified foods". Plow & Barrow invites you to discover how you are designed to eat to fullness and without rules, portion sizes, counting calories, calculating, measuring and timing. 

From our Chef

Jason Dean


I just wanted to thank all of you so much for trying out our plant-based menu. This has been such an encouraging journey for DeeAnn and I to be able to provide a different design of eating for you.

Many of you are new to eating plant-based. I know there are a lot of questions about eating this way. DeeAnn and I have a simple philosophy: Give your body what it needs to do its job and it will naturally rid itself of the things it does not need like toxins, waste and excess weight.

We invite you to give your body a chance to show you what it can do when you nourish it through eating plant-based, even if for just one meal a day. It will heal and it will begin to show you how good being truly healthy looks and feels. You are on a really cool journey and trying plant-based meals is just the beginning. You can trust that whole foods are designed to nourish your body. It truly is a privilege and joy for me to be on this collaborative journey with you.

Enjoy- Jason